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The Fading Star - now available in an anthology in Kindle
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The Strangling Cord
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*Snake in the Garden at Kindle
Bhavani has dedicated her life to dance but finds that it is not a path filled with roses. Being a single mother brings wolves to her doorstep, making her feel lonely and vulnerable.
Her life was not always like this. Cocooned by a loving family, she pursued her dreams, married Raghu, the man she loved and seemed on the way to living ‘happily ever after’. Moving to Delhi from Chennai, she has the double comfort of being close to Vidhya, her cousin with who she shares a love-hate relationship.
But the wind of betrayal upturns her life. She feels adrift, rudderless. Her mother became her pillar of strength, her dance her anchor, and Sneha, her daughter, the purpose of her life.
But though dance sated her soul, her body and mind longed for comfort and companionship. Kannan, fighting his own demons, becomes her knight in armour. They could find what they sought in the other. She could find her thorny path cleared and he the love he needs so much. But he demands answers. He introduces caveats. Answers she cannot give, caveats that go against the grain.
And as if her cup of woe is not full yet, Vidhya flings the final ace on Bhavani’s face, crumbling the last of her defences.

Where will Bhavani go from here? What turn will her life take? Whom will she turn to?

Coffee Table Book - Alternative Non-traditional Employment for Women is a Chennai based NGO that wanted its journey documented. It was a pleasure working on the book, especially because of the impact it has had on the women it has trained.

The Circle of Zero at 
Bhaskar leads a carefree life, dating girls who take his fancy. Life sucks him in, though, and from Sharmila to Abha to Chaya, he undergoes a gradual transformation.
The greatest shock lies when he marries Chaya and finds that neither charm nor persistence work in prying her frigidity loose. His love life comes to a standstill. He is willing to rock a boat that needs no rocking.
But what he thought, is not so. Chaya is not just a shadow but a woman with a past. Her demons haunt him.

Serialising my novel Two Years at
Kalpana cannot fathom her husband Karthik's sudden indifference and withdrawal. Does he really think she would encourage his sister's husband when he makes a pass at her?

What she discovers about her recent past overwhelms her. Preferring to separate rather than live like a stranger with the man she loves, she tries to make a life for herself.

But life is not so simple. And love cannot be wished away. What she recollects is but tip of the iceberg. Can she handle the truth?

A New Dawn: Anu and Chetan are star-crossed lovers - Anu's mother, a hypochondriac is mercilessly dependent on her only daughter; Chintan's authoritarian father thinks Anu is beneath their status. Will the two unite?

Order at Pageturn Publishers.

Wooing the Moon: Swarna's work-life seems beset with challenges. Arun, the handsome senior from school and her senior at work, clears her path for her, but remains aloof. What is in store for them?

For your copy, check out: Pageturn Publishers

Written in the Stars - Neena has a business to run, but neither the qualification, the finance nor the expertise. Sahil seems the right answer, but he remains elusive - helpful but non-committal. She finds that in addition to looking up to him for guidance in the world of business, she has lost her heart to him. And for reasons she does not understand, he walks out. Will the misunderstanding clear?

Check out Pageturn Publisher and my blog The Fruit of 25 Years. Also available at Flipkart
An announcement in The Hindu Metro Plus  You'll Love Stories


* Path Breakers: Scintillating Stories of Steadfast Entrepreneurs for Swadeshi Jagaran Manch. My blog on this at: An Eye Opener and Tamil write up in paper

A Matter of Faith - on Surendra Mehta, founder, Mehta Jewellers

Short essays/stories
* The Chicken Soup - for Indian Soul, for Teenage Soul, for Indian Romantic Soul, for Bride's Soul
* Translation from Tamil to English - Vithayin Kathai - The Story of a Seed: Life of the Founders of Sakthi Masala, Duraisamy and Santhi Duraisamy

Coffee table books
Tiruvannamalai - A Land for Peace and Divinity

*The Holy Sankara Mutt

* The Divine Light, on Melmaruvathur.

* Timeless Education, Modern Times - on the timelessness of Vedic learning.

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