Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pleasure and Pain

From feeling intense anguish
It is no more even a deep wish
Oh! This pain cherished
Has all but vanished.

In this journey through life
Of being someone's mother and wife
Facing day to day strife
Which cuts one like a knife

As old wounds slowly heal
With new ones one has to deal
In layers that don't peel
And yet pleasure in this ordeal

Yes, the pain that gives pleasure
Cherished secretly, like treasure
Not to be revealed even under pressure
And relished with love at leisure

One day that pain too deserts
As better sense reasserts
Living in the present needs efforts
Memories come and go but in spurts

Let go, for past is of no use
To accept pain, heart will refuse
Grab the moment and pain will diffuse
Then in heart will joy suffuse.

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