Saturday, June 30, 2018

Crossed Wires:Part II - A Short Romance

Read Part I of Crossed Wires before proceeding

"He wants to meet you," Shikha looked confused as she informed Barkha. "Alone..." Her expression turned questioning, hopeful that Barkha may have the answer.

Barkha shrugged, surprised at the request. A faint ray of hope sprang in her heart though she pretended to be indifferent. "Whatever for?"

"I don't know, his mother seemed very uncomfortable when I probed. He wants to speak to you..."

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Crossed Wires: Part 1 - A Short Romance

"Which one?" Sumesh asked, trying hard to seem indifferent but clearly eager.

"The girl in blue," his sister Priya mumbled to him, looking across the rows of diners at the wedding dinner they were attending.

"Both are in blue," he said puzzled seeing the two girls seated next to each other.

Priya slapped her forehead. "One is blue, the other is in indigo."

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