Friday, June 17, 2011

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A chance interview with a neighbour - on what constituted entertainment. And I became nostalgic. Friends, relatives, leisure, games, sports.

There were the gossips, and the dignified ones; there were those who mingled, and those who didn't; there were those who were active, and those poking their nose where it didn't belong.

But there was a community, a sense of belonging, and the time to interact. There were no cars, commuting took longer, and houses were smaller, barely furnished.

Today, we have many a times more than one car. Our house is beautifully decorated, and rooms assigned for each purpose. But, when guests come, only so many can be accommodated. And only for so long. They are in a rush, we are in a rush. Do we pack more? Is it necessary? Where does it take us? To loneliness and longing for company? And to bitterness that we don't have anyone to share our life with, our joys and sorrows with?

We are modern, yes. But at what cost?

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Meeravin Mudal Prayatnam: An Attempt - Oru Muyarchi

Meeravin Mudal Prayatnam: An Attempt - Oru Muyarchi: "தமிழில் எழுதிப்பாரேன் என்று என்னை ஒருவர் கேட்டார். இன்னொருவர் நான் தமிழில் எழுதப்போகிரெநா என்று கேட்டார். ஏன் எழுதிபார்க்கக்கூடாது என்று த..."

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Parenting Debate

Will this ever end? Especially when there are three generations under the same roof!

You need to be strict, the grandparents agree, and then undo the strictness by indulging.

Our system of mugging tables was best, says grandfather, unable to relate to the Montessori system. What system is this that doesn't help child keep numbers at finger tips? How can they complain about the child that she doesn't know? - he asks incensed. Try telling him that they are not complaining about her lack of knowledge but lack of application.

Are they eating well, they ask with concern about the children. And then promptly buy all the junk food they love.

Go go, get ready/go to bed, they send the children, and then sit back listening to their tall tales.

They may be at variance on some points, but who cannot help smiling when the child runs to the grandparent to share the tales, enjoy the stories they tell and bite into the goodies they bring? There is much more noise at any point of the day, there is much more life.

Benign Parenting

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Great Expectations

He: To wake up to a gentle breeze; a Carnatic music CD playing melodiously in the background; wife up and about; towel wrapped around her hair, cooking busily while chanting a sloka; a sweet smile on seeing him, a nod to his good morning, and a steaming cup of coffee or tea ready in hand; the aroma of something delicious wafting from the kitchen.

She: To sleep undisturbed; to wake up lazily; to go about making breakfast leisurely - better still, to have him make it; a nice Hindi film song on lips; children wake up on their own, smiling; he wakes up even later and eats whatever is given - unless he makes what he wants; and does not complain that all the aroma he gets is from the neighbour's kitchen.

The great Indian dream. Sigh!

Back to School

Summer vacations over - and at the end of it, it does seem to have flown by quickly.

Saw my son growing up - from being dependent on my daughter, his elder sister, for playing with friends, he has learnt to make his own friends and deal with his situations.

Cricket bat and ball - that is all he can think of all the time.

Even the fights between my daughter and son were about cricket - it was a no ball, it is an LBW, you are clean bold, it is a wide ball... Amazed how much they pick up quickly!

For daughter too, not having her younger brother around her has been unsettling though a relief in some ways. She is defining herself - I get irritated quickly, I don't like doing certain things, I love certain other things...

Mini adults is how I see them - sigh, except when they have to do their chores...
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