Saturday, March 31, 2018

Dead and Buried - Part IV

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"When will you reveal the true secret?" Ila asked eagerly.

Shekhar grinned sheepishly. "In good time."

"You said there is a murder in the film too? Who is going to die?" she probed.

"You," he said. Her startled look made him smile. "Don't worry, you are not just a corpse... You are also the one who is going to be romancing - not one but two men."

"Don't make it sound like an incentive!"

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Dead and Buried - Part III

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For Part II, click here

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"I will stop you," the voice screamed in his head as he fell back.

He snapped his eyes open and found himself surrounded by white. The only thing that told him he was alive still was the pain that shot through his body. He felt needles poking him all over. Not needles, shards, he corrected himself. He tried moving but a gentle hand restrained his desperate efforts. "Please calm down." He looked at the woman speaking to him and for a minute, the white she was dressed in made her look like an angel. But instantly he identified her as a nurse.

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