About me

My life has been one of serendipity, discovering my loves and passions as I journey through life. The most abiding one has been my love for the Word, the written one, and what I aspire to write. Is it surprising then that I should be a writer of sorts - writing and editing for publications and publishers across categories. For my various articles, visit Articles & Features

But in that journey, which started in 1993, I discovered late my interest for not just reading but writing fiction too. Have penned quite a few novels and coffee table books. For the complete list, visit Books by Me You can also visit my Author page on Facebook

Bharatanatyam has been with me longer - I started at the age of 6. And despite two children, have managed to make  dance an integral part of my life. As the years roll by, and despite limitations, it gives me immense satisfaction to connect to the divine through dance. A short sample here: http://youtu.be/Wc77jieh-_U

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