Sunday, July 8, 2018

Crossed Wires - Part III: A Short Romance

For the earlier parts, click here:
Part I
Part II -

"Barkha di, you have to be home on time," Amrita warned her sister. "I am nervous, and I need you," she added plaintively. Barkha was no proof against such a plea and she rushed back home to help her younger sister get ready.

Amrita had got a red with gold salwar set ready, but Barkha put it back in the wardrobe. Amrita's wardrobe didn't seem to have what she was looking for and so she went to hers. She came with a seagreen shimmering crepe sari contrasted with a red embroidered blouse. She was amused at how shy Amrita felt when putting on subtle make up that discreetly highlighted her features and combed her hair such that it framed her lean face.

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