Wednesday, November 30, 2011

'Age of Seth' - So Aptly Named

I am one of those who diligently does not read the newspaper, does not watch news channels and does not have headlines updates from any of the newspapers. And so, if Suhel Seth is a well known name, then... I am not among his friends (no surprise there!)

When I was reading a review of his book Get on Top - oops, Get to the Top - by Mihir Sharma, I did laugh heartily at the man Suhel is. But, I wish he were really one of his kind! The poor fellow has stuck his neck out and written a book on what many silently continue to do. He, of course, is a man of many words. He believes in that and likes to be heard. So hardly surprising he should write about it.

He is not alone, though, is he? This is what people set store by: brand building, projecting oneself, of seen to be doing, of influence, of currying favors? Doesn't mediocrity win, with some support from money?

How do we change our own attitude to that? 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Cosmic Dance

You put your foot down
The world trembles in fear
You raise the other one
In awe we say, "Oh dear!"

Your two eyes
The third on the forehead
Angry one moment
Laughing the very next

The world vibrates
admiring your grace
Moving when you do
Standing still to be with you

My heart
Filled with deep desire
To be one
With the raging fire

The snakes coiled
The tiger skin, a foil
The broad shoulders
Dependable like a boulder

I long to merge
In that cosmic fire
Past, present and future
Burning with the body in the pyre.

Pure energy
Sheer joy
That is all I ask for
Grant me that, oh my lord.
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