Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anubavangal: Kurangilirundu pirantha manithan

Anubavangal: Kurangilirundu pirantha manithan: மரம் தாவி . நொடிக்கு ஒரு வித்தை காட்டி ஒரு நிமிடம் நேரே மறு நிமிடம் தலை கீழே சாய்த்து இது குரங்கா, மனமா? குரங்குபோல் மனமா? ஒரு சிந்தனையில் ...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One Earth: Birds Drop Dead

One Earth: Birds Drop Dead: "'Birds began falling out of the sky' This is from a book on Iraqi Kurdistan, 'Love in a Torn Land'. The use of chemicals to kill Kurdis..."

Monday, August 15, 2011

All for Big Bucks

I am not a political writer, or too savvy about developments in the political world. My newspaper reading is cursory at best, and many a times, comics are the only things I read.

I received a mail today from an organisation that conducted a debate on the need for Lokpal Bill. The summary points further summarised - we already have laws to deal with bribes. Implement them. Lokpal Bill only adds a layer and can go the same way as CVC and the investigative agencies. It ends by lauding Anna Hazare for bringing the issue of corruption to the forefront.

Indeed, today he is in preventive custody. The government - the president and the prime minister - are playing with words. The government is finding excuses, digging up dirt just to weaken the movement. But the question is, to what end? Will the people of India, now coming together as India Against Corruption sit quietly if Hazare is removed? Well, in one way, the government has added teeth to the movement. Talk of cutting one's nose to spite one's face!

What shakes me up is the question - is the government so weak that it is scared to tighten its belt, take action and deal with corruption? Is it enough to put Raja and Kalmadi behind bars?

Again and again, only one image comes up in my mind... the dhoti clad Indian politician rolling in wealth and then dying amidst all that money in sheer joy. How will he transport it to the next world then! If we Indians believe in destiny and fate, weren't we also taught about karma - the other, bigger ledger maintained by Chitragupta? Maybe it is unfashionable to believe in gods these days, but at least that kept us in check to some extent. Now we neither believe in gods, nor our own conscience... It's all about money, honey.

Anubavangal: Porulaathaaram irunthum manathil ethu thaaraalam? ...

Anubavangal: Porulaathaaram irunthum manathil ethu thaaraalam? ...: "நான் நமது நாட்டு தலைவரின் சுதந்திர தின பேச்சை நான் கேட்கவில்லை. ஆனால் ஹிந்துப்பத்திரிகையில் தலைப்பு படித்தேன். லஞ்சத்திற்கு எதிரான போராட்டத..."
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