Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sane Advice

I went for an unexpected meeting with a government department on some prospective work. Two senior doctors walked in as this was a health department. I was introduced as a journalist.

I like to make myself scarce at such times. My instinct was the same this time too, and though the person I went to meet tried to clarify this, the doctor didn't choose to hear.

He told me, "Please don't highlight only the negatives. There are many good things happening in the country, but they get hidden away in small paras. By writing only about the negative things, we give the impression as if there is nothing good about this country."

I smiled. "What is good about this country?" was the first question that came to my mind. But then I thought - wait. That's what the papers tell me. And yet, the man I came to meet was telling me passionately about one of the schemes that had taken sweat and toil to implement. He sounded passionate and proud of the achievement. Maybe, writing about it will not be breaking news. But yes, no one will get to know that there are people who are working too! There is no sensation in that! Only scams give us something to talk about.

The doctor went on to explain, "I can make money by doing anything as a doctor. But I must take care. A journalist's job is just as important. Don't write only to make money."

Well, doctor...that's a thought.
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