Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Asterix - Timeless Magic

Picked up one after a long time. Asterix and The Banquet... Despite the distractions of family life, enjoyed the puns immensely. "Why are thanking him. It is we who took him on a ride," says Obelix, literally and figuratively as the duo hijacks a boat a Gaul is holidaying in, in Nice, and Obelix rows it like an express.

"I am not fat! I have a powerful physique, that's all" he protests. That's a good line we can use :)

And the names, of course - Unscupulous, Nervus who runs a breakdown service, Cesar Drinklikafix who runs a pub...

While most comics have great nostalgic value though we tend to outgrow, this is one that anyone from teens to old age can enjoy. I think very young children may miss the puns.

Here is to Asterix.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Anubavangal: Oru Ekkam - The Longing

Anubavangal: Oru Ekkam - The Longing (sirukathai): "சூரியன் அஸ்தமிக்கும் நேரும். அந்தி வேளையில், ஜன்னல் அருகே நின்ற நான், ஏதோ ஒன்றை தேடினேன். ஒரு இனிய ராகம், மெல்லிசையாக என் மனதில் ஓடியது. அல..."

The Wait

The wait, the long wait.
At the window of life.
For a whiff of fresh air
For an exciting sight
For fragrance sweet
For golden light
For showers blessed
For visitor awaited
For changes to life
For love destined
For exciting youth
For comfortable old age
Something, anything
Different and bright
At the window of life
The wait, eternal wait.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Turnaround

I greeted it with warmth
Making sure it was all there
After all it had grown
With so much love and care
Fed on delicious sweets
And luscious oily fare
All the wrong foods
And exercise rare

And then one morning
Clothes refused to cover
Stretching tightly across
Making me shiver!
Has this come to this then?
The thought made me tremble
And disgusted I thought
I saw it also quiver!

Ambitious and determined
I put on my shoes
Walking long stretches
In the faint hope
That what I had nurtured
I can now undo
So that I can wear
All the pretty dresses

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