Friday, January 20, 2017

The Loyal Friend

I peeped out of the window, hoping to see the usual cars passing by. A figure entered the picture unexpectedly and attracted my attention. I grimaced at his very scrawny look. He looked here and there, and then, called out to his friends. He was suddenly surrounded by five or six, all looking like stragglers - unkempt and rustic. I dismissed them and loitered around the house, ready for my mid-morning nap.

That evening as I went for a walk, my companion hanging to me on the leash, I noticed the bunch again and turned away, wrinkling my nose in disgust. But that bunch was looking for trouble. Seeing me, they started coming closer. I turned to my companion who immediately became alert and ready to attack if they got any closer. I watched them sulk away. But the one I saw in the morning paused to look at me. He mumbled something, which sounded like, "Poor girl."

The words bothered me though they shouldn't have. I was rich. Safe in a home. With all luxuries at my disposal. Pampered with love. How dare he!

The next morning, I peeped out again from the balcony, curious about this man. He was there, and this time, he stared back straight at me. I turned away, but secretly peeped from behind the curtain and the gap in the gate. Once or twice, he caught my eye and I was mortified!

When I went out in the evening, he was still around. Oh, what was he doing! Out in the public, with a bbb...itch! I will never look at you again, I told him in my heart as he laughed at my discomfiture.

I couldn't forget their warm embrace! I felt a stirring inside me and suddenly felt lonely. I went and sat by my companion, and felt good as she put her arms around me. But though she said all the right things, the gloom did not disperse.

I continued to see them and envied their freedom, their companionship and joy even as they seemed undernourished. But were they? I paid more attention. They were trim, out in the open, and living as they liked.

Seeing me mope, my companion laughed. She found me a friend and well... There I was, pregnant and happy...

How I loved it. And when I delivered! My heart knew no joy... The warmth of children against you as I rested...

Wait... What is this...! Where are they being sent away!?

Oh my little ones!

As I went for a walk, I looked out and saw that she, that other woman, had delivered too. All her little ones ran around her, playing and teasing. I looked at my companion. She smiled back and patted me...

"My loyal friend," she whispered. I heard a laugh. I turned to see him looking at me amused. 

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