Friday, June 2, 2017

The Deception

Strong and imposing, broad and tall
Standing silent, towering above all
Oh hills, what depths in you reside?
Tell me, what secrets do you hide?

A laugh that was a rumble
Stones rolled down in a tumble
Silent, me? It asked in wonder
Forever I create and plunder.

O playful sea, ever frolicking
Dancing, bouncing, babbling
Never acting your age
Trying only to engage

Are you talking about me?
Asked the shocked sea
Have you dived deep
Explored the silent me?

Nothing is as it seems
The silent turns out to be noisy
Joyful becomes fearsome in a jiffy
Leaving us wide-mouthed and dizzy.

Be it the raging fire or the wind cool
Givers of life, they can take it away too
From benign, splitting the world in two
They shed in a moment all their cool

Delicate life is taken to task
Mother and Devil, it switches masks
Worship or don't, it cares not
At its mercy as it wreaks havoc.

Nature lures us with its bounty
Blinding us with generosity
Letting us build, only to destroy
And reverting to its cunning ploy.

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