Friday, June 16, 2017

Be Still

The calm lake,
Fire within the cave
Placid and still
No hint of a wave
Words like pebbles
Make it ripple and sway

Even a whiff
A breath of discontent
Raises a storm
Light flickers impotent
Tsunami floods
Flames burn intent

Close all doors
Shut out all noise
Let it be still
Remain in poise
Feel joy
Truly rejoice.

Feel its depths
Know its intensity
Enjoy the cool
Bask in its glowing heat
Let your mind rest
Hear your heart  beat.

A Note: In Kathopanishad, there is a reference to the fire within us, in the centre of our being, in a cave. Tamil Poet Bharathi, in Sakthi Koothu, says, "guhaikkul angE irukkudaDA tI pOla" - She resides like a fire in the cave.
I myself visualise our soul as a deep, calm lake. So in this poem, the water and fire imagery alternate...


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