Monday, October 17, 2011

Bubbling Heart

You are too busy to talk
So am I!
You have your road to walk
So do I!

We met, and I thought
Our hearts met too
But unspoken though my love
Weren't you swept away too?

Didn't you feel the pain
That is a pleasure
Didn't you want to reach out
And share moments to treasure?

When you left
With not a word
Nursing the wound
I curled up like a hurt bird

Time, the healer
Worked around the wound
But the scar comes alive
Persistent like a hound

Not letting go of that
Deep buried love
Sometimes urging my lips
To utter your name with verve

To talk of you
Like any other person
As if you mattered
Not a bit more than the other one

Shy and scared
I kill that urge
So no one may know
For whom my heart so surges

Like the churning of chaos
Old and new merge
Angry bubbles boiling
Old feelings emerge

Only to be suppressed
And forgotten with time
To be remembered again one day
By this foolish heart of mine.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Age God

As my friend narrated this story, I couldn't help laughing and wondering if this is how, in some age, stones came to be worshiped!

A few ladies in my building fasted on karva chauth and congregated in one of the houses to listen to the story that is narrated traditionally on this day. The lady of the house connected on skype with her mother in Delhi, who read out the "paatth". At the end of it, all the ladies in Chennai did a namaskar to the lady in Delhi via the net, physically bowing before the laptop.

My friend laughed and so did I. But I wondered if in some age, the stone was the medium of communication and so became consecrated. Maybe in a few years, when we lose power and the net, the future generations will still bow before the electronic devices which will be passed on from generation to generation because their elders did it!

Anubavangal: Setril Kaal, Vaanatthil Kann

Anubavangal: Setril Kaal, Vaanatthil Kann: வெய்யிலில் நின்று, குனிந்து வயலில் வேலை செய்யும் தன் தந்தையை பார்க்கும் சரவணனுக்கு மனதில் எதோ ஒரு ஏக்கம். குளிர்ந்த காரில் முதலாளி வந்து, வெ...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Following the Light

I was about to open the window after switching off the AC, when I noticed a bee hovering just outside. He was banging against the glass, desperately trying to get in. The light inside was immensely superior attraction over the darkness that covered the land behind him. His friends were probably asleep, or hovering over the queen bee, or doing whatever they normally do at that hour. But this one was the adventurous one, the ambitious one, or maybe, the terribly scared one. He wanted light. He wanted warmth. Though he had grown amidst nature, he found the artificial light attractive.

I kept him out, not opening the door. I tried to tell him this was a world of falsities. With one flick of the switch, the light will vanish. He had no friends here, only unfriendly hands that would try to squash it. He would be safe and warm wherever he was, with his friends, doing what he did best - collecting honey.

My pleas fell in deaf ears. Instead, he had questions to ask: If this is a life of falsities, what are you doing here? Aren't you a creature of nature too? How did you adapt? I will adapt too! Why should I be squashed? Couldn't we coexist?

His questions silenced me. I quietly switched the light off, hoping the night outside would look brighter than the dark room within.

I went to bed, pondering, wondering - what is right for one, why do we assume it is not right for another? Why sometimes it IS not right for another? Or is it that it is convenient to assume it is not right for another?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thud, Thud Goes My Heart

Every development sends the heart soaring afresh! This morning, as I sat in front of Facebook, I saw my publisher's message that my novel is now available online. Thud, my heart bumped against my chest. It still hearts - is it pleasure or pain? - Written in the Stars in Flipkart

Would love to hear your feedback if you pick up this book to read...

A Game of Elastic

Suddenly, I remembered this game I used to play as a kid. I realised that I had played this when under 13, in Delhi, but never in Calcutta. And yet, it had kept me occupied even when I was alone, using two chairs to place the elastic around.

It seemed like a new game to teach my daughter and her friends. But, I didn't remember it properly. So I went on the net, very sure that it would be impossible to locate anything on this.

To my amazement, I discover that it is a game popular in China, and there are several videos in Youtube - not only of children playing, but even adults, and not only Chinese, but even Caucasians. There is one of three ladies from New Zealand - it brought my heart to my mouth. It is played differently from what I remember, and also called Chinese Jump Rope. There are multiple levels, the elastic being pushed up from the ankle to the calf, knee, hip and waist levels. Our complication seemed easy enough when compared to theirs - they try to jump over the elastic at all levels! All we had to do was to cross the elastic without any part of our body touching the rope!

In the evening, I met a neighbour  who had spent her childhood in Delhi, and was thrilled that she had played it too. I think between us, we will be able to revive the game!

Interestingly, in one of the videos, someone had posted, "An attempt to preserve an old game that is dying because of the media!" My thoughts exactly.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Anubavangal: Nyabangal

Anubavangal: Nyabangal: சிறிய துளிகள் பொட்டுப்போல் மேலே சொட்டுச்சொட்டாய் விழுந்து எழுப்ப சிறிய சிறிய நினைவுகள் அந்த அரக்கு நிற பேனா தோட்டத்தில் காய்க்கும் கொய்யா,...
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