Saturday, May 4, 2019

Master of Destiny

It was the March of 2050. He felt as good as new. "Medical technology is amazing," he told his friends. "You must try it. In fact, there is an app that tells you the condition of your organs, whom to contact, and even fixes an appointment with specific doctors who have the right equipment. They scan you, find you a match, grow new organs and replace old ones. That's it! That part is good to run for another fifty years!" he said.

"But it must cost you a bomb!" his friend pointed out woefully.

He looked at his friend contemptuously and said, "When you feel this young, you can continue working and earn! Even medical insurance is willing to cover you!"

"What about your skin?" another asked, eyeing him enviously.

"There were always ways to slow the aging of the skin. But I was not happy with that. And then one scientist discovered a way of keeping the skin young too through one simple injection!" he gloated, displaying his smooth hands. "Only for baldness there seems to be no cure," he added with a chuckle, touching his smooth head.

"Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and the like?"

"All manageable. There are ways to reverse processes... Yes, some money in the bank will help... But in another five years, they will become cheaper and you can also try! Since you are only 60 now, you have time," he told the enquirer.

"Looking at you, no one would think you are 67! You could easily be in your 40s!"

"Yes! And since my mind is still sharp and body still young, different ages actually," he said with a chuckle, "I am also getting a lot of offers for my experience... Of course, the trouble is that people don't think I am old enough to have 45 years of experience, so I am showing less in my CV! But I kept myself relevant, upskilled myself," he said smugly. "All the exercising keeps me agile. I want to make knee replacement the last of the surgeries, or totally unnecessary. Just call it a quirk!" he grinned.

His friends eyed the nutritious snack spread sceptically and said, "And clearly, you watch your diet."

"Yes, nothing fried, sweet or carbs! Try it, you will love it!"

They shrugged and helped themselves to it. Yes, their friend had done well for himself, for sure... Maybe they could replace the more troublesome parts at least, to begin with... Who wouldn't like to be young forever?

They took the app details, watched him demonstrate how it worked and promised themselves they would give it a shot.

He felt good about spreading the deed. Indeed! He couldn't say how old he was anymore. Different parts had been changed at different times... But he definitely didn't feel like 67! Age was just a number, afer all.

He always considered himself a self-made man, and now, it was all confirmed. Everything was in your hands, not fate or some unknown god. He laughed at his friends who couldn't decide, waited for good time, waited for some signal to take a momentous decision. Even his wife had refused to replace her heart when diagnosed with  cardiac condition, and had surrendered to the disease in a short time. Not he! He was not about to let a few ailments make him feel helpless.

He stepped out, the blood coursing with renewed passion. Next moment, he lay flat, hit by a speeding car with a drunk driver behind the wheel, knocking him off his feet. His head, with his old brain still inside, hit the cement floor and a vein burst.

When he was laid to rest, his friends mourned. "Who can fight fate?" they asked resignedly and went their ways.

His soul cried, "I tried, at least!"

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